The Mastermind concept was brought into the mainstream by Napoleon Hill in the 1930’s. After interviewing the most successful people at the time (Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone, Thomas Edison, Andrew Carnegie and the like), asking each one what they do differently and what they attribute their success to, they all valued their Mastermind meetings as the key to their success. The Mastermind concept has been adopted by successful business owners throughout history and is still one of the best investments you can make in yourself and your business.
Think of a mastermind mind as a giant floating brain in the room, representing all the collective wisdom, knowledge, triumphs, tragedies, experiences, both good and bad.  This brain represents the best in all of us. And it's there, available for any of us to tap into at any time; taking what best applies to our specific goals and business model; allowing us to find a success that we've never thought possible.

Transform Your Business

If you're an auto repair shop owner and you're looking to maximize every aspect of your business from increasing efficiency, productivity, car count, to the overall profitability of your business, then joining a Transformers Mastermind Group is for you.

Why Transformers Mastermind?

Maximize your potential.

Our exclusive group of auto repair shop owners represents a unified front of successful people coming together to talk openly about their goals, struggles, strategies, and what it will take for true growth in our industry. We bring together the best of the best to create a brotherhood in which collaboration is key. We are committed to each other in order to help you take your company and our industry to the next level.  
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 What is Our Goal?

Our team at Transformers Mastermind believe that, together, we can transform the automotive industry for the great people who work in it now, to those who will work in it, and for the customers who need honest, ethical, and quality automotive service and repair.
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